Very light wooden board of standard size 10x100cm. It is possible to get even longer, but the width of 10cm is unfortunately maximum (then 6cm and 8cm). If a larger surface is needed, two boards can simply be glued to edges, such as Hercules or a stronger UHU POWER. Balsa is made in thickness from 0,8mm to 20mm, but the most commonly used are from 1mm to 3mm. In these thicknesses it is cut with a classic breaker knife, in larger ones it wants to be more of a saw and if necessary it is still possible to wax with sandpaper. 

+ availability, easy cutting and gluing, natural wood structure
- softness


Plywood is a board made of three or more layers of veneers folded perpendicular to each other. Most often they are made of birch, poplar, pine or beech wood. It is very solid, shape-stable and mainly made in plates up to 2x3m large. However, its strength may be a disadvantage when cutting it, as you do not cut the conventional cutter plate. The exception is aerated plywood, which can be thin up to 0,4mm, other types are from 3mm, and therefore have to be cut with a saw or laser. 

+ strength, even large plates
- more complicated cutting